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General information

The unit is the RF amplifier basic block (pallet) including two 130 W LDMOS power transistor intended for radar applications in the 2.7 GHz to 3.1 GHz range. The amplifier consists in two parallel stages coupled by means of the combining system fully integrated in the RF block, as well bias circuit. The block can operate both at 32Vdc or 36Vdc, and have an integrated attenuation circuit at adjust the power gain accordingly to the requested specs

Technical Specifications (th = 25 °C ; 50 OHm loaded ; Vdc = +32/36Vdc)

Typical pulsed RF performance at 100 μs Pulse Width – Duty Cycle 10% 

  • Frequency range:  2.7 to 3.1 GHz
  • Class operation:  AB saturation
  • Input - output impedance:  50Ohm 
  • Input return loss:  >15 dB
  • Input power:  20W / 40W nominal (peak)
  • Output power:  250 W nominal (peak)
  • Power Gain:  7÷10dB
  • Power supply requirement:  32/36 VDC ±2%; 1.8 A
  • RF input:  solder post (SMA option)
  • RF output:  solder post (SMA option)
  • Mismatch tolerance:  2:1 max
  • Efficiency:   42%@32Vdc ; 38%@32Vdc
  • Harmonics emission:  <20dBc
  • Size:  76 x 53 x 20 (H) mm


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