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About us

INTECH was established in 1994 as a system design and management service company by an experienced professional engineer with a well recognized background in the field of RF & Microwave systems, in particular for the application to the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Security business area.

In 2000 INTECH made a significant step in its industrial organization, then starting a constant growth which led the company to the present position in the domestic and international markets. Nowadays, INTECH is mainly recognized as a turn-key system integration company in the specific areas of Broadcasting and Wireless Communications.

Since the very beginning, INTECH has developed its own original solutions in the following areas:


The sound experience of the company is shown by the several implementation of low, medium and high power turn-key broadcasting stations both for FM radio and Television diffusion, realized for domestic and the international markets. In dealing with such projects INTECH is usually taking care of all the necessary steps, from the site surveys to the station design, from the equipment manufacturing and procurement to the installation, commissioning and field coverage tests. All the related services are provided on demand, such as logistic (shipping, transportation etc.), training, maintenance, etc. Besides complete turn-key stations or networks, INTECH supplies as well stand alone Transmitters and custom designed Program Input Equipment (PIE).


In the telecom area, two main sectors are targeted by INTECH where integrated systems, are provided: Radio Systems for voice, video and data transmission, spanning from VHF up to microwave and millimetre wave frequencies, both point-to-point (i.e. microwave radio links) and point-to-multipoint Wireless Access, such as WiFi, WiMax, DECT and LMDS systems. Multiplexing platform for a wide range of voice, data audio and video applications basically through the E1 circuits.


A complete family of solid state, RF power amplifiers modules (so called pallet amplifiers) is available for applications in the VHF and UHF frequency ranges; such modules are used as “stand alone” or, more frequently as “building blocks” for more powerful HPA (High Power Amplifiers). The most important applications are in Broadcasting, Radiocommunications and Medical sectors. In particular for the Broadcasting, the above mentioned amplifiers are available for both FM radio – so called Band 2 – and Television, i.e. Band 1 and Band 3 (VHF) as well as Band 4&5 (UHF), with RF output powers ranging from some tenth of watts up to several kW.


In this field, INTECH design and manufacture the key equipment for implementing the Supervision Control And Data Acquisition system to be deployed in support of Telecommunication networks, Power Energy and Industrial plants.


Custom designed Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Measuring System for telecommunication, broadcasting and industrial applications are part of the traditional background of the company, both for its internal use and for delivery to its customers.

INTECH is continuosly adapting to the fast technological evolution in the international environment. As a marketing oriented company, a great enphasys is given to the global support of the Customer in the implementation of state of the art projects in the most important growing sectors of Telecommunication and Broadcasting. In all above areas, INTECH is tacking care of the following items either separately or together in a turn-key solution:

  • System analysis and definition
  • Hardware and Software Specifications
  • HW/SW development
  • Suppliers selection and procurement
  • System integration and test
  • Logistics (shipping, transportation, etc)
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Training courses
  • Program Management

Since the beginning, INTECH is in partnership with hightech RF & Microwave Hardware manufacturing companies as well as with an international turn-key Installation & commissioning company who is acting in the field of telecommunications and broadcasting as the INTECH arm for field operations.

In the timeframe of its activity INTECH has served many domestic and international Clients operating in several countries and in the following areas:

  • Telecommunication Carrier
  • Space Communications Operator
  • Private Broadcasting Networks
  • State Broadcasting Authorities
  • Public National Broadcasters
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturer
  • Broadcasting Equipment Manufacturers
  • Power Stations Manufacturer
  • Private and Public Telephony Manufacturer
  • Water Purification System
  • Energy Stations & UPS Manufacturer