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General information

The 150W Carrier Power Amplifier it is a Class AB, Low Distortion, High Gain Linear amplifier module for the 100 ÷ 500MHz band. Superior performances are obtained using broadband matching techniques and the finest Gold LDMOS transistors available on the market today. Matched for 50 Ohms input and output, with Shutdown, Current Monitoring, and Temperature alarm the Broadband Amplifier it is suitable for AM communication application.

Technical Specifications (th = 25 °C ; 50 OHm loaded ; Vdc = +48Vdc)

  • Frequency Range: 100÷500MHz
  • Output Power: >150W CW into 3:1 VSWR, all phase angles.
  • Power Gain: 10/13/17dB (measured at Pout 100W)
  • Efficiency: >30% (at Pout =150W)
  • Supply Voltage: +48Vdc
  • Working Class: AB
  • Bias Current: 2x1,5A
  • 2 tone IMD @ 100W: 25dBc min
  • Even order harmonics @ 150W: >30dBc
  • Odd order harmonics @ 150W: ‐25dBc
  • Input return loss: <10dB
  • Gain flatness @ 150W: <±1dB
  • Spurious signals: (non harmonic related) @ 150W <70dBc 
  • Operating Base plate temp: 75deg/C (90deg/C of flange) high temperature
  • Dimensions: 180x216x33,5mm
  • Weight: 1 kg


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