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General information

The series TX04-xxx belongs to the Low Power product family of TV Transmitters fully solid state technology, air cooled. The family is available for the UHF Band, is designed for a wide range of TV broadcast standards, as well Analog and Digital emission. These include analog TV standards (B/G, D/K, M/N, I), color coding standards (SECAM, PAL, NTSC), (FM mono, IRT dual-sound/stereo and NICAM), digital TV standards (DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC). 

Key Features 

  • Broadband frequency synthesizer, without any other tuning or alignment.
  • Analog emission according to the standards  Digital TV standard available DVB-T, DVB‑T2, DVB-H, ATSC.
  • SFN capability Suitable for single-frequency networks (SFN) and multi frequency networks (MFN).
  • Digital Adaptive Precorrector allows high performances and stability without any alignment or manual intervention during maintenance routine.
  • Seamless input switching.
  • Output Filter built-in.
  • LDMOS technology to obtain , reliability , and high linearity.
  • Passive Reserve  1+1 ; N+1 Redundancy configuration capability.
  • High Tolerance mains voltage ( 20 %) is accepted by the transmitter.
  • Mains Protection System by means of Surge Arrester System.
  • Remote Operation compliant to IEC 864-1 rule.
  • Remote transmitter monitoring and control via HTTP interface (Option).
  • Compact design 24 units 19” rack ; 800 mm depth.
  • Air cooling system fully integrated.


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 How to Order :

  TX04-xxxC – x.x kW Analogue TV
TX04-xxxD – x.x kWrms Digital TV