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General information

INTECH is proud to present its newest series of digital TV transmitters to the market. These transmitters are in full compliance with the latest version of DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards and are equipped with a wide variety of features which make them a comprehensive solution for broadcasters. They are proposed in different models with respect to the output power including 5W, 10W, 50W, 100W and 200W in the whole UHF band. The most noteworthy feature of these transmitters is the distinctive capability of broadcasting two independent Transport Streams (TS) on two different channels at the same time. This great feature is obtained by employing state of the art technology in the dual output modulator of the transmitter. Furthermore an internal IRD/Remux totally avoid any need for external sub-head ends. Thanks to this optional feature it is possible to demodulate up to four TS from DVB-T/T2 or DVB-S/S2 signals. These four streams are processed by the embedded Remux to generate two customized TS which along with the external ASI inputs can be used for feeding the dual output modulator. On the other hand the transmitters are equipped with an embedded signal analyser which constantly measures the key qualitative parameters of the output signal including MER per carrier, shoulder distance and frequency response. Precise results of analyser are plotted on the front panel LCD and give a great insight about the transmitter operating condition. By integrating all the above features in a 3U standard 19” subrack a compact and highly economic solution for the terrestrial broadcasting networks can be provided to the market.  

Key Features 

  • Capable of transmitting one DVB-T2 or two independent DVB-T signals at the same time. 
  • In full compliance with the latest version of EN300744 (DVB-T) and EN302755 (DVB-T2) standards. 
  • Optional IRD/Remux capable of demodulating any of DVB-T/T2/S/S2 signals with superior input sensitivity and BISS (Basic Interoperable Scrambling System) decryption. 
  • Utilization of advanced adaptive algorithms for eliminating linear and non-linear distortions of amplified signals which guarantees high MER and shoulder distance.
  • Measurement of key qualitative parameters of transmitter output signal including MER, shoulder distance, frequency response and etc. 
  • Utilization of ultra-fast and efficient protective mechanism against destructive incidents including output impedance mismatch. 
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to compactness and modular design.
  • Employing state of the art LDMOS transistors. 
  • Control and monitoring locally by front panel graphical touch screen LCD and remotely by WEB and SNMP through IP network and by SMS through GSM network.

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How to Order :

TX04-051D – 5W DVBT/T2 Transmitter

TX04-011D – 10W DVBT/T2 Transmitter

TX04-051D – 50W DVBT/T2 Transmitter

TX04-012D – 100W DVBT/T2 Transmitter

TX04-022D – 200W DVBT/T2 Transmitter