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General information
EX04-000D is a professional DVB-T/T2 modulator/exciter with the capability to broadcast DVB-T / T2 signal or simultaneously two DVB-T two signals at the same time. The EX04-000D is in full compliance with EN300744 and EN302755 standards. By utilizing this modulator as the exciter of TV transmitters it is possible to transmit two independent transport streams on two different channels at the same time with only one transmitter. This astonishing feature can help broadcasters to realize very economic solutions. Furthermore an internal self-contained IRD/Remux totally obviates any need for external subheadends. Thanks to this optional feature it is possible to demodulate up to four transport streams from DVB-T/T2 or DVB-S/S2 signals. These four streams are processed by the embedded Remux to generate two customized transport streams which along with the external ASI inputs can be used for feeding the dual output modulator. Moreover it is possible to decrypt BISS encoded services from any input streams prior to multiplexing without any limitation in the number of encrypted components. EX04-000D is equipped with a wide variety range of mechanisms which make it a competent selection as a DVB-T/T2 transmitter exciter. One of these mechanisms is the adaptive linear/nonlinear precorrector which is considered as a crucial feature. This capability makes it possible to drive any RF power amplifier with up to tens of kilowatts output and achieve the best possible signal quality. 

Key Features 

  • Capable of transmitting one DVB-T2 or two independent DVB-T signals at the same time.
  • In full compliance with the last version of EN300744 (DVB-T) and EN302755 (DVB-T2) standards. 
  • Optional IRD/Remux capable of demodulating any of DVB-T/T2/S/S2 signals with superior input sensitivity.
  • BISS decryption capability. 
  • Remote control and monitoring via HTTP, SNMP and GSM network. 
  • Capable of true RMS output power measurement of transmitter. 
  • Up to +10dBm output power in order to directly drive a wide range of amplifiers.
  • Utilization of advanced adaptive precorrector for eliminating linear and non-linear distortions of amplified signals. 
  • Measurement of key qualitative parameters of transmitter output signal including MER, Shoulder Distance, Frequency Response and etc.


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How to Order:

EX04-000D Base (Base System)
EX04-000D-IRD/RMX (Remux and BISS Descrambler)
EX04-000D-TX CTRL (Simple Transmitter Control)
EX04-000D-EXT PWR (Extended Output Power up to +10dBm)
EX04-000D-GPS (GPS Receiver)
EX04-000D-GSM (GSM Remote Control Module)
EX04-000D-IRD (DVB-T/T2 Receiver)