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General information
The DL-2x502-WB is a single 5.0 KW or double 2.5 kW Termination Load; it is allocated in a 3ru height module, suitable to be mounted into a standard EIA 19” rack. The unit includes two 50 Ohm resistive loads, each of them suitable for withstanding separately either an input CW RF Power of 5.0 kW, or an input simultaneously RF Power of 2.5 kW on each one; the working frequency covers the full range DC-110 MHz with return loss > 30dB. The loads are realized by combining thick film resistors on BeO substrate in order to transfer the heat exclusively by conduction to a suitable heat sink which is than cooled down by forced air. The DL-2x502-WB includes all the mechanical and electronics components in order to achieve the best efficiency and to provide the following functionalities:

  • Absorption of the applied RF Power
  • System cooling by forced air
  • Interlock protection for over temperature and over drive


Technical Specification  

  • Frequency Range:  DC÷110 MHz
  • RF Input:  2 Input EIA 7/16”
  • Impedance:  50 Ohm
  • VSWR:  better than 1:1.03
  • Max Input Power:  5.0 kW CW on a single input ; 2.5 kW CW for each input simultaneously
  • Supply Voltages:  +42 VDC ±5%; 2.0A (auxiliary); 115-230 VAC (mains)
  • Cooling:  forced air
  • Minimum required air flow:  1000 m3/h at the sea level
  • Size:  482.6 W x 133 H x 600 D mm
  • Weight:  35 Kg.
  • Temperature range:  0 to +45°C
  • Protection:  Over temperature / Over drive Interlock
  • Telemetry:  Power level/Temperature/Alarms for each load

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