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General information
The DL-3x502-FM is a triple 5.0 KW Termination Load; it is allocated in a 3ru height module, suitable to be mounted into a standard EIA 19” rack. The unit includes three 50 Ohm resistive loads, each of them suitable for withstanding separately either an input CW RF Power of 5.0 kW, or a RF Power input simultaneously of 2 kW on each one; the working frequency covers the FM range 88-108 MHz with return loss >30dB. The loads are realized by combining thick film resistors on BeO substrate in order to transfer the heat exclusively by conduction to a suitable heat sink which is than cooled down by forced air. The DL-3x502-FM includes all the mechanical and electronics components in order to achieve the best efficiency and to provide the following functionalities:

  • Absorption of the applied RF Power
  • System cooling by forced air
  • Interlock protection for over temperature and over drive.


Technical Specification  

  • Frequency Range:  88-108 MHz
  • RF Input:  3 Input EIA 7/16”
  • Impedance:  50 Ohm
  • VSWR:  better than 1:1.03
  • Max Input Power:  5.0 kW CW on a single input ; 2 kW CW for each input simultaneously
  • Supply Voltages:  +42 VDC ±5%; 2.0A (auxiliary option) ; 115-230 VAC (mains)
  • Cooling:  forced air
  • Minimum required air flow:  1000 m3/h at the sea level
  • Size:  482.6 W x 133 H x 600 D mm
  • Weight:  35 Kg.
  • Temperature range:  0 to +45°C
  • Protection: Over temperature and Over drive Interlocks
  • Telemetry: Power level/Temperature/Alarms for each load

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