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General information

The series belongs to the High Power VHF product family of FM Radio Transmitters fully solid state technology, liquid cooled. The TX02 high power family is operating in the Band II or Band I (OIRT) for FM stereo sound broadcasting, with 30 to 50kW output power capability with optional dual exciter and 1+1 logic and with advanced control unit , with full remote control capability. The equipment is fully compliant with the personnel safety requirements as specified in EC 215. The transmitters have been designed to offer to the customer high performances, high reliability and great simplicity in their operation and maintenance procedures.

Key Features 

  • BROADBAND frequency synthesizer, without any other tuning or alignment.
  • MONOPHONIC & STEREOPHONIC according to the CCIR rec. 450-2 standard. 
  • RDS & SCA subcarriers input capability. 
  • HI-FI quality modulated signal, with low residual noise and distortion. 
  • AES-EBU digital interface (Option).
  • RDS encoder (Option).
  • RF Signal free from spurious and harmonic signals.
  • LD-MOS last generation in order to have wide band, reliability, and high efficiency.
  • Redundant 6x1,2kW RF power blocks in each amplifier.
  • Redundant 3x3,5kW independent AC/DC Power Supplies for each amplifier
    (3kW still available with one PS failure and 1,5kW available with two PS failures).
  • Dual Drive ; 1+1 ; N+1 Redundancy configuration capability.
  • High Tolerance mains voltage (±15 %) is accepted by the transmitter.
  • Mains Protection System by means of Surge Arrester System (option).
  • Remote Operation compliant to IEC 864-1 rule (all option are available).
  • Control System with full micro controlled adjustment , including fault finding.
  • Advanced Logic with relevant 7” touch screen display and integrated web gui.
    - Block against emission on spurious frequencies
    - Reflected power
    - Modulation limiter
  • High Capacity Liquid cooling system with redundant pumps.



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TX02-303FL – 30kW FM Transmitter
TX02-403FL – 40kW FM Transmitter
TX02-503FL – 50kW FM Transmitter
-D – AES/EBU Digital I/O Board
-R – RDS Coder Board
-W – Web GUI Interface Board