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DVB/SAT Receiver


General information
The INT-PDR is a multi-standard (DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2) receiver with extremely high tuning sensitivity. This receiver is able to receive DVB Terrestrial or Satellite RF signals and deliver the demodulated MPEG stream on DVB-ASI interface which is conventional in distribution networks. Moreover INT-PDR-T01 is equipped with an IP encapsulator to provide the capability of streaming received MPEG packets over IP networks. INT-PDR-T01 is capable of performing BISS decryption as a widely used scrambling method. Another noteworthy feature of this product is the embedded web server which makes it possible to configure and monitor the instrument remotely as well as the front panel. Achieving the highest reliability has been the main target of designers of this feature-rich product. This fact makes it a great choice for a wide range of professional applications including signal monitoring in TV stations or transmitter feeding in regenerative relay networks.

Key Features 

  • Fully Compliant to ETSI EN 300429, 300744, 302755 Standards
  • Extremely high reception sensitivity.
  • Full configuration, monitoring and software upgrading by front panel facilities as well as IP
    network with a great level of simplicity.
  • Automatic extraction of all parameters of the received signal.
  • Equipped with a reserved power supply.
  • Equipped with cable driver at the ASI output to feed long coax lines.
  • In full compliance with Nordig Test Plan V2.4
  • In full compliance with specific EMC standards which guarantee a normal operation in
    environments with high level of radiations.


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How to Order:

INT-PDR-XXXX Base (Base System)
With XXXX indicates Number of S/S2 Inputs, Number of T/T2 Inputs, Number of ASI
Outputs, TSoIP Availability