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General information

The PA402‐10300 amplifier is designed for the L band operating at frequencies within 1030 to 1090 MHz as pulsed power amplification process. This unit employs solid state LDMOS Transistor technology in order to obtain reliability and high efficiency. Typical Pulsed Performance provides 4kW peak with a repetition period of 100μsec and Duty Cycle of 5% max. The cooling system is performed by two blowers installed inside the drawer. The input RF power is applied to a two level driver stage and then through the relevant splitter/combiner system to five PLT06‐102P final RF blocks, each capable of 1kW peak power and fully protected by the relevant circulators, to avoid damages against mismatch and infinite SWR (Standing Wave Ratio).

Key Features ( typical pulsed RF performance at 100 μs Pulse Width – Duty Cycle 2% )

  • Frequency range:  1030 to 1090 MHz
  • Class operation:  B saturation
  • Input - output impedance:  50 Ohm
  • Input return loss:  > 15 dB
  • Input power:  13 to 16 dBm (Manual Set Gain)
  • Output power:  4 kW peak
  • Pulse mode:  100μsec period; 2% duty cycle
  • Pulse rise and fall time:  100 to 250 ns
  • Pulse drop:  ≤ 0.5dB
  • RF input:  N connector
  • RF output:  7-16 DIN
  • Mismatch tolerance:  10:1 any phase
  • Harmonics emission:  <75 dBc
  • Size:  3 unit 19” rack , depth 600 mm
  • Weight:  10kg approx
  • Cooling:  forced air
  • Power supply requirement:  230 ± 15%VAC ; 50/60Hz ; 400VA
  • Power factor:  > 0.85
  • Temperature operating range:  0 to 45°C
  • Altitude:  up to 2.500 meters

Remote Controls 

  • Connector:  D15 Male
  • Inputs: Enable / Power Control / Alarm Reset
  • Output:  Alarm (General) / RF Regular / Forward Power Measure /
    Reflect Power Measure

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PA06-402P – 4kW Amplifier